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Latest Videos

  • Emergency and Post-Acute Treatment Cards for Spinal Cord and Brain Injury

    To promote optimal care, Shepherd Center medical professionals have created emergency and post-acute treatment...

  • Skybox-10-8-13-Shepherd Center

    Shepherd Center is featured in this 30-minute episode of the Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters' program...

  • Beyond Therapy - a Shepherd Center Program

    Beyond Therapy® is a rigorous, activity-based program designed to help people with a variety of neurological...

  • One Family of Miracle Workers

    Staff at Shepherd Center in Atlanta are featured in this photoplay video.

  • Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin

    Service members from Shepherd Center's SHARE Military Initiative program suit up with Jeff Corwin at the...

  • Innovation Cannot be Paralyzed

    Michael Gore sustained a paralyzing spinal cord injury several years ago. With the help of the Indego(TM) - a...

  • Stories of Hope - Keith Gorski

    After sustaining a brain injury during a motorcycle accident, West Palm Beach Police Officer Keith Gorski...

  • Outcomes

    Hospitals talk about outcomes. Things like: prevention, transparency, independence. But what does it all mean?

  • Beigette Gill's Story

    Shepherd Center Step patient Beigette Gill shares her story of hope and rehabilitation from a spinal cord...


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